Meet the CoLAB

steering group

Combining expertise in marine science and policy, communication, systems change, and taking a values based to communicate more effectively why our ocean matters is the Marine CoLAB’s steering group.

The Marine CoLAB is made up of a much wider community and the steering group provide overall governance and a steer on our strategy.

Sue Ranger

Engagement and Education Manager, Marine Conservation Society

Sue Ranger has worked in marine conservation, community engagement and education for 25 years. Sue leads a team focused on education and innovative and effective stakeholder engagement projects that take a values based approach to engaging stakeholders in marine resource management issues.

Amy Pryor

Technical Director, Thames Estuary Partnership

Amy is a marine and estuarine scientist with over 20 years of experience. She also Chairs the national Coastal Partnerships Network, which facilitates knowledge exchange between 50 UK Coastal Partnerships and works towards a unified coastal voice – connecting nationally, delivering locally.

Daniel Steadman

Marine Technical Specialist, Fauna & Flora International

Dan works across FFI’s marine programme, principally advising on reducing the environmental impact of fisheries. His experience includes government fisheries management, working to reduce plastic pollution through policy change and facilitating improved impact assessment of marine conservation interventions.

Anna Birney

Director of Learning and Community and Director of the School of Systems Change, Forum for the Future

Anna is drives the vision and ambition internationally at Forum for the Future. Anna brings her practical experience of equipping people and organisations with cutting edge tools for system change, and deeper thinking and inquiry from her PhD.

Mirella von Lindenfells

Director and Co-Founder of Communications Inc and IPSO

Mirella has 35 years’ experience of communications and campaign work in the NGO sector, including senior positions with Greenpeace and Amnesty International.  She also helped found the High Seas Alliance, is active on the steering group of several ocean coalitions, and a visiting lecturer in NGO communications and campaigning.

Fernanda Balata

Senior Programme Manager, New Economics Foundation

Fernanda leads NEF’s work on coastal economies, which is aimed at reconciling social and economic prosperity for coastal communities with marine conservation. Fernanda has led the Blue New Deal Initiative since 2014 and has conducted research on fisheries and the future of cities.

Fiona Llewellyn

Senior Project Manager, ZSL

Fiona is an ocean conservationist with over 12 years’ experience working for environmental NGOs on marine scientific research, policy, practical conservation and campaigns.

Andrew Farmer

Head of Natural Resources & Circular Economy

Andrew specializes in EU legislation in relation to water, marine pollution control and circular economy, including the functioning of institutions necessary to implement policies. He is interested in strategic policy issues such as better regulation and policy evaluation.

Louisa Hooper

Senior Programme Manager, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Louisa leads on the UK Branch’s Environment theme, currently focusing on initiatives to promote the value of the ocean. She has previously worked in publishing, communications and education (including in rural Japan).


Natalie Hart

Marine CoLAB Communications Lead and Communications Consultant, Comms Inc

Natalie is an author, strategic communications consultant and research advisor. She currently focuses on ocean protection issues and also specialises in conflict and post-conflict environments.