We collaborate

We are ambitious and are aiming for transformational change, although we understand that there are no route maps and that we need to experiment through our work.

  • Our motivation is systemic impact
  • Our fundamental organising principle is action learning and taking the time, individually and collectively to reflect on what we are learning and what this means for how we are creating change.
  • We share our insights widely and encourage others to join us in taking an experimental approach to creating change.
  • We believe that the tools for creating system-wide change probably exist, but they are distributed across multiple-organisations and between many people.
  • We believe that meaningful and purpose driven collaboration is vital to future success. In services of this, we operate transparently and in an environment where we respect each other and seek to create trust.
  • We operate free of individual and organisational ego- ‘no egos, no logos’.
  • We have fun.