Ocean SoundWaves 2019


A growing body of research suggests that spending time in or near the ocean provides a range of benefits to human health and wellbeing.

For Mental Health Awareness week this year and together with Adelphoi Music, we’ve created a  playlist of ocean sound to bring the sound of the ocean to you wherever you might be, whatever you might be doing.

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The SCIENCE BEHIND Ocean therapy

The sound of the ocean can have a measurable effect on human health and wellbeing and bring a sense of calm. 

Find our more about the science behind the seashell and the wellbeing benefits of the ocean in this short video and this 3 minute read, An Ocean of Calm

“Research is increasingly highlighting the ocean as a therapeutic environment, capturing the human imagination and interrupting the momentum of daily life with its dynamic rhythms, sounds, scents and scenes. A key challenge now is how best to unlock such experiences for everyone, regardless of their sensory needs and priorities”.

Dr Sarah Bell, European Centre for Environment and Human Health

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Join us in celebrating the benefits of the ocean to human social, mental, and phyiscal health in your community, workplace or social networks by sharing our posters below

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Find out more

You can read about last year’s experiment here and read a report in full on the 2018 campaign here.

If you’d like to contribute to new research on the benefits of natural sounds on human health and wellbeing check, take a look at Forest 404, a collaboration between researchers at Exeter University and BBC Radio 4.

The Sound Waves project is an initiative of the Marine CoLABoration which is made up of the following UK groups.  Find out more about our work here.

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We would like to thank OneOcean.fm and Adelphoi Music for their support in bringing the sound of the ocean to everyone.

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