Our experiments

We design initiatives to include multiple action research cycles. These exist simultaneously at different scales and durations, overlapping, complementing and confronting each other.

Live experiments

Agents of Change

Working to build a new narrative around the need for marine conservation zones in three pilot areas in the UK

World Ocean Day for Schools

A day to celebrate the role of the ocean in all of our lives in UK schools


A collaborative campaign to support pioneering individuals and organisations reduce the amount of single use plastic water bottles entering the ocean from London

We Are Ocean

Establishing a new network of organisations beyond the Marine CoLAB to accelerate UK ocean literacy

Ocean Sound Waves

Ocean Sound Waves Bringing the ocean inland and celebrating its wellbeing value in our everyday lives

A LAB approach to marine conservation

FoAM, a Brussels-based cultural laboratory, were brought on for the first year of the Marine CoLAB to help develop a trans-disciplinary, inter-organisational lab and to provide a flexible framework and create enabling conditions to allow participants to think differently and experiment with new ways of approaching problems in the real world.

“Co-creation and peer learning are the cornerstones of the lab-approach. The lab approach encourages participants to question, extend and borrow methods from each others’ practices.”                                      

Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney (FoAM)

Find out more about our LAB approach to marine conservation in this blog by FoAM.